• Quantitative Research
Quantitative research is used to measure how many people feel, think or act in a particular way.

It can be used to measure customer attitudes, satisfaction, commitment and a range of other useful market data that can be tracked over time.

It can also be used to measure customer awareness and attitudes to different manufacturers and to understand overall customer behaviour in a market by taking a statistical sample of customers to understand the market as a whole.

These surveys tend to include large samples - anything from 50 to any number of interviews. Structured questionnaires are usually used incorporating mainly closed questions - questions with set responses.

Questionnaires can be completed either by having face to face interviews, telephone interviews or in a central location.

Quantitative studies include:
  • Usage & Attitudes
  • Product testing
  • Packaging testing
  • Concept testing
  • Advertising research
Arabian Echo collaborates with other agencies to complete the field work of the Quantitative studies.