• Kids' Research
Using special research techniques based on kids' psychological theories to help marketers manage their brand by providing a better understanding of their young consumers' attitudes and behaviors.
Kids are a potential target because:

  1. Children have become a legitimate market, with vastly increased purchasing power.
  2. Children serve as an influence market, with a huge impact on their parents' purchasing decisions.
  3. Children are the adult purchasers of tomorrow - the future market. The ultimate goal of marketers is to instill lifetime brand loyalty in children.
  4. The age demographic split for the Saudi population reports that kids of age 14 years and less is 49.23% of the total population.*
We offer creative, flexible solutions that provide clients with actionable insights on their kid's marketing issues.
Our kids research philosophy is designed to produce the ideal interaction with children in a research environment.
It's based on specialized methods, adaptations, and techniques to achieve accurate results, and ensure that each approach or solution used is modified in an appropriate way to the age of the child being interviewed. In addition, we will employ a number of creative approaches we know work well with children.